Over 25 years bringing brands to life

What do we do?

We materialize the essence of your brand in a physical space

Stands, retail space designs, brand events, and showrooms are just some of the services that brands trust us with. Our designs are innovative, attractive, effective, and aligned with your business goals

+ About RC Projects

Retail Design

RC Projects is the leading company in creating commercial spaces and retail design. We design your commercial space, manufacture it, handle the assembly, and ensure proper placement, guiding you through the entire process.

We also have extensive experience in decorating commercial spaces and store interiors, especially in Shop-in-Shops and Corners, creating unique spaces that attract more customers and stand out from the competition.

Stand Design

We design, manufacture, and assemble stands for trade shows and commercial events, taking care of every detail.


We create spaces to experience and interact with displayed products. Many clients have asked us to create or modernize their exhibition spaces, and our goal is to achieve a modern, technological exceptional final result, including audiovisual technology and corporate graphics.


We offer a 360º service organizing and managing corporate events, presentations, award ceremonies, and other brand events

360° Service

We immerse ourselves, study, and consider every detail of your project to help you connect with your customers. We design, build, assemble, disassemble, and store your product. We take it wherever you need it and install it, taking care of every detail!

We team up with agencies

Communication agencies are an important part of our daily work.

With them, we collaborate, create, and plan large and small events and projects in sync. We assist agencies by managing all services related to stands, preventing them from worrying about this aspect of their projects.

At RC Projects, we have over 20 years of experience in stand design, retail design, and events, so we put our expertise at the service of agencies, handling: Design, production, installations, and assembly.

Let's work together

Our Projects

We work in all kinds of fields! This constantly drives us to innovate and perfect every aspect of our projects. With over 25 years of experience, we have collaborated with leading brands in different fields, giving us a global, flexible, and creative perspective when designing the perfect space for your brand. We immerse ourselves in each project to capture the brand’s essence and impact the target audience.

Serving clients Globally

As part of the global network of OSPI, companies that meet a high professional standard, a requirement for joining this association, we work with a wide variety of clients and fields. This allows us to have a global, open, creative, and innovative vision when creating designs. We design your project and build it wherever you want!

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Committed to

environmental care and promoting sustainable practices in our industry.

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our innovative design, efficient planning, and sustainable products. Each year, we increase our initiatives to minimize our environmental impact and promote sustainable practices.